The moment scatters. Motionless, I stay and go: I am a pause ~Octavio Paz

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


He came to me humbly…
caressing my inner most plush with mellow hued shades of warm ardor
We languished in spans of softly simmering summer nights illicitly italicized with deep blue tinted breezes that whispered sweet promises into my tactile layers
He glistened on me...
dewdrops of yet named constellations that dripped timeless through my pores, saturating my intimacy’s poignant blush
He melted through me...
a confection of caramel raindrop kisses that nurtured my textures in luscious glazed passion served at the peak of perfect ripeness…
the milk of his soul nourishing my core
We whispered into each other tales of succulent eternity...
My once insatiable soul inhaling inconceivable bliss as his tender essence renewed deep within my burgeoning belly
With the gentle roar of a skilled lion, he devoured my bloom…
His Earth...His Moon...

In the twilight of full consume

Purple (In Tears)

~~~~ when doves cry, heaven mourns in layers of inconsolable plea. darkness rejoices amidst the crumbling of a delicate pure as innocence whispers into the heart of deity, the intimate agony of it’s profound violation. the moon bleeds tears of deep pressing as a recumbent sun hibernates resolute in the tepid embrace of solitude’s encompassing solace.
when doves cry, the oceans rage in a chorus of surrounding forlorn. tempestuous indictments scream furious against the defilement of dreams clothed in cleansing judgment, seeking the spirit of a humble repentance long forsaken in tides of arrogant evolution. empathy’s withered heart breaks in resonating quivers of earth’s regurgitating purge of salvation's pacifying burn.
when doves cry, peace is consumed with failing grace, bound under the burdened shadow of conceit's possessive intent ~~~

Sunday, March 28, 2010


He was careless w/ words.
Grandeurs of premature lovely fell with emotional abandon from his seasoned lips and stained my soul.
Eager revealing nestled between layers of simple text mellifluous with yearning, laced intrigue throughout my mind's eye.
Dreams I had long put to rest now sought to breathe…evoking lusts my loins had long learned to suppress, as I strained to capture every syllable of hunger.
"Too much..Too soon" soul reasoned..
 Despite my sincere desire to find nurture in his accept them as promise within the scape of my longing, I grew increasingly apprehensive of his sepulchral taste and regurgitated each vowel of declaration.
Unbeknownst to him, too many episodes of potential had quickly dissolved in the tempest, and left me weary of hope and very in tune w/ men who were strangers unto themselves
So I breathed in silent pacification…witness to his inevitable fall.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Semitones of Starstruck...

Simple treasures drip eloquently from your lips...provoking in me, a renewed thirst. Despite my apprehension of the burning history that lingers formidably w/in me still, I am compelled to taste your intrigue once more.
Without pause, you welcome my acceptance as languidly, I slip my inquisitive tongue between your cadent words...intent to sip every prose of emotion comprised of willowy vowels that billow under the sinewy seduction of tantric inducing consonants.
With precision's purpose, we slowly tango to a disarming tune of sensual intellect underscored by a rich fluting of passion's uncompromising stimulation.
Our rhythm is pure.
Our groove is dark.
Our flaying is smooth.
For hours timeless, you nourish me as I savor and synchronize your mellifluous tempo. Your thick whispers flow in streams of hypnotic diction that awaken consummation's gaze before melting in my mouth and drizzling down my throat with intoxicating ardor...impregnating me with a fluid warmth that recalls seamless nights of blissful insomnia and silent screaming that singed my core, as I was reborn raw in our resilient image.
In the beckoning glow of dawn's crisp clemency, I intrude upon myself and pause long enough to breathe me again. 
In silence resolute, you release me...knowing that you will resonate without cleansing remorse... Forever the unyielding essence of my soul's deepest kiss.

Indigo Persuasions...

the madness pervasive, invades
seductions of midnight whisper, pierce the submissive sky
gentle breezes of ornate caress, persuade
breaths sultry with passions addictive, rise
crimson kisses soul deep in mellifluous submission, resonate
sips of ripened soul smooth like warm rum, intoxicate
hearts, facilely accommodate the burgeoning fulfillment
glistening dreams, submerge the seams of reality
swelling rhythms, intertwine with fiery urgency
perfect symmetry of saturated emotions and billowy motion, envelop
pleasures thick like lush pina colada, weep
cosmic bursts unsuppressed, overflow
deep beyond sunrise, the seeds of renewal echo

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


He still moves me at will...
As if w/ intimate knowing...uncompromised sowing
As if my breathless layers remain devoted to his mystical tastes...aroused solely by his gilded textures
As if his determined purpose remains revealed in tender oceans of deep whisper that could betray his self contained swagger of impervious heart

As if he would give of himself to me...for the sake of me only...Warm hues of burgundy submerged in intoxicating mahogany kisses of caramel bliss that glisten w/in my coral soul through indigo inflected nights that authored my heart's sweetest sighs of sinful content

As if satiating my thirsts w/ the grace of dewdrops caressing midnight's secret harvests at dawn's awakening glow...compelling my soul to everwant...everseek...everneed copulation of his sublime rhythm's dark permeation
As if he moves through me w/ ease...a pureness of sultry soul unblemished by the impatient glances of time's encumbered demand
As if scintillating scents of passion's hunger still linger between us ever the more...moving me to move him...grow I know him
As if I ever truly know him...the rebellious man-child flourishing beneath endless gazes of venerate wonder impressed w/ his infinite well of resplendence...keeper of the most profound seductions unspoken, ruling over my heart's truest intentions intertwining

Because he is my truth...renewal everwinding

Dark Chocolate...

With ominous reprise, visions of an aborted destiny threatened to drown my addicted being within alluring tempests of darkness. Each moment granted to the resurrected mourning recommenced a bleeding of precious faith's approval...a renewed blinding of hope's commission to enlighten. Retrospectively,there seemed no purpose to the once lived joy that my soul now so despised. The glimpses of intoxicating  potential that sealed him into my breaths haunted me with mercilessness mocking.
We'd kissed with languid intensity. Velvet infused words dripped casual acceptance of the heeded calling, as under-ripened promises of submission composed in syllables and consonants simmered in a bland broth of dubious emotions, were eagerly served before bright season. Poignant sighs of burden emitted my repentance as the sun agonizingly set on golden peaks that once evidenced his presence. Promises abandoned to the god of Fear choked the disillusioned moon's illuminant kiss.
I once considered myself intimate friend to Eternity, convinced we'd  caressed Time with a seemingly mutual hunger to possess it's approbation...But Eternity's mercurial affection was seduced by the sultry gaze of Mystery...and blinded to Time's purpose, forsook my heart's loyal embrace. Gorged with the feast of confusion and inebriated with the wine of deceit, my nauseous soul sought the self induced relief of regurgitation in the merciful seclusion of solitary parturition.
Still...his essence lingered in the textures of my mouth...Often tempting my throat with it's bitter sweet.