The moment scatters. Motionless, I stay and go: I am a pause ~Octavio Paz

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Full Moon

In the tender midnight of heaven, I swam peacefully within in the oasis of my beloved..enraptured by the confirmations of love that saturated our progression. With inspired curiosity, the liquid moon watched intently. Embracing my private confessions to my beloved, the moon beckoned me onto a silken shore...seeking validation of my blissful echoes.
 "Why do you love him?"
I inhaled my beloved's aura in exhaled response..."Because he tries... for me" 
I'd first encountered my beloved under shades of divinity..plush hues that seduced my dreams ripe...his aura gleamed of promise to quench my insatiable thirsts. We entranced one another...He, with an inviting dance of lush passion...fevered caressing that rekindled the embers of a long simmered plush in my soul. I, with a poetic quiescence of hunger that lingered in his layers long after dawn had interrupted the illuminating glow of twilight. We were a language sweltered in the flames of kinship...a knowing eagerly grasped with intimate understanding. We connected in a symphony of emotions that welcomed the discomforts of need...Yearnings that subdued the anger of intimacy's intrusion...And in secret whispering witnessed solely by our hearts, wondered aloud why Love had chosen us for the creating of paradise. In the midst of silent screams within..voices of caution haunting without ..and painful stings of history that provoked fear of Destiny's inevitable kiss... We fell headlong..struggling into the entity of Love. Yet, despite addiction to the taste of our cohesion, we attempted to deny the raw honesty only to come full circle in seasons of appointed submission to the calling. We'd huddled together..sequestered through years in an alliance of wounds, healing and salvation. Holding fast...protecting the necessity of slumber that cocooned the evolution of our eternity.
 "What does he try for you?"
"To be a better man"
As though awed by my rationale, and having witnessed the heartache in man's frail honor, the moon wondered aloud...
"Can he succeed?"
 Considering my beloved with silent discernment..his layers of renewal and tears of various struggle at my feet..the bliss of purpose captured in his breathing...I replied.. 
"His success is in his willingness to try"
 I paused momentarily under the moon's pondering gaze, as my beloved's whispers urgently drew me back to the nurture.. The moon's warm smile embracing my skin as I dove back into my beloved and submerged myself deeply into his welcoming pores.